Blu Gro System

The future of agriculture is to provide a system where truly healthy and disease resistant plants grow with all the great flavors and full nutrition as they implement their full DNA potential. This will support a new, healthier lifestyle for happier people.

Blu Gro System is a fully automated growth greenhouse with the inclusion of blue LEDs, narrowband UV-B lights, sacred geometry, loaded/structured water and a pioneering audio system. This allows each DNA potential to be completely relaxed.

Our systems


BGH3 is the smallest one with the same size of a Blu Room®.

Data sheet


BGH6 is twice the size
of a Blu Room®

Data sheet


BGH9 is three times the size of a Blu Room®.

Data sheet

The systems differ from each other also in automations, managed through specific internal/external sensors (temperature, wind speed, humidity, etc …) which determine the automations themselves and can be defined with the customer, depending on the local climate where it will be installed and the specific growing needs.

How the greenhouse works

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Frequency System

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