Blu Room®

The Blu Room® is new a patented technology (patent number: 9919162) that creates an atmosphere to insulate users from the outside world and wrap them in an atmosphere of soft ultraviolet light.

Proper functioning of the Blu Room® is based on specific sizes and attributes defined by the creators.

All our models guarantee this important point: the accuracy of the geometry and the functionality of the Blu Room® itself are the same for all models.

All our Blu Room® can be disassembled and reassembled in case of displacement needs.
The differences among the various models concern the materials and finishes of the external structure, ability and ease of maintenance, disassembly and reassembly possibility.

Our models

Blu Room® Nikola

If you are looking for a high quality Blu Room® at the lowest price, this is the model for you! Our Nikola model has all the functional characteristics and internal precision of the Blu Room® with nice and simple finishes and a basic accessories set, in order to get an affordable price.

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Blu Room® PRO

This is our best-selling model. Excellent finishes and an elegant design make this model the best one in medical contexts and wellness centers. Audio systems and control panel use the best options on the market. This is the most suitable model for professional use, with easy maintenance and complete disassembly and reassembly possibility to be performed independently with local professionals.

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Blu Room® Route 369

This model was initially developed to be used in trade shows, conventions and presentations. It is now available for purchase. The distinctive feature of this model is that it can be assembled in less than 8 hours and disassembled in the same amount of time. In order to do this, some elements are inevitably sacrificed, such as: durability and solidity of the structure. However, the advantage of displacing it quickly allows this model to be used in different contexts, with huge business potential for the customer.

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Blu Room® Zebra & Luxor

Top of the range. The finishes elegance is combined with all the technologies and comforts that make this product unique, unrepeatable and tailor-made for the most demanding customers. Contact us for more information.

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Quality and versatility

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Since your brain is not busy responding to the stimulus of the daily environment, your mind is free to relax, to associate freely or to maintain a relaxed state of concentration without distraction. Many customers use the patented Blu Room® to explore their deeper creative being.

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